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Tips on Keeping Tube-Type Hummingbird Feeders from Dripping
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Tube-type gravity fed hummingbird feeders have been around for a long time and are very popular with hummingbirds because they simulate the tube shape of many nectar-bearing flowers. However, because of their design, these feeders may occasionally drip.

How to stop the dripping? There is no perfect answer - feeders will drip occasionally. However, we do have several recommendations to minimize dripping, so that you can truly enjoy your feeder:

  1. Most importantly: always fill the feeder completely full with cool nectar. Insert the stopper and invert quickly to avoid any air entering the feeder. Tube feeders operate on a vacuum principle. Only if the feeder is initially filled completely full will the vacuum form!
  2. Hang your feeder in shade or partial shade. The cooler the feeder, the less likely it is to drip. Try our PAR-A-SOL Shade!
  3. Make sure to keep the feeder very clean by regularly cleaning with hot water and a bottle brush. Try periodically using a vinegar rinse to thoroughly clean your feeder and then rinse well with hot water.
  4. Dripping too much for you? Try one of our top-feeding feeders.

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